Internet Home Banking Terms and Agreement Disclosure

All persons accessing any and all Gas & Electric Credit Union account(s) with the use of a Internet Home Banking password (ACCESS CODE) through a personal computer or any other device that uses standard communications protocols MUST agree to the following:

1. In this disclosure, the words "we," "us," "our," "GECU" or "credit union" mean Gas & Electric Credit Union. "You," "your" or "account holder" mean each person who is currently a member of Gas & Electric Credit Union and signed a membership application and/or signature card and agreed to a Gas & Electric Credit Union Internet Home Banking Terms and Agreement Disclosure. The terms "ACCESS CODE" and "password" refer to the code which enables you to access your account(s) through the Internet Home Banking program. The word "account" means any GECU account where your name appears.

2. You acknowledge that you have selected your own ACCESS CODE for the express purpose of accessing your credit union account(s) after your initial logon. You understand that GECU does not know your ACCESS CODE and will therefore hold you and all other persons (authorized or not) using your ACCESS CODE totally responsible for all transactions conducted on the Internet Home Banking System, subject to any restrictions imposed by law or regulation.

3. You accept responsibility for all authorized and unauthorized activity made on your account(s) with your ACCESS CODE through the use of the Internet Home Banking system, which is subject to limitations governed by Federal law, the regulations of any applicable government agency and the laws of the State of Illinois. The limitations of your liability for unauthorized activity on your account(s) are contained in the disclosure for EFT transactions.

4. You must notify the credit union immediately once you believe that your ACCESS CODE has been lost, stolen or used by some unauthorized person(s). You must report unauthorized usage to the credit union by calling (309) 793-3610, (800) 793-3610; or by sending an E-MAIL through the Internet Home Banking system or to

5. You hereby relieve GECU of any obligations to monitor how your ACCESS CODE is used nor is it under any obligation to notify you of any unusual activity regarding your account which may be accessed with your ACCESS CODE, subject to restriction imposed by law or regulation.

6. Transactions initiated by the use of your Internet Home Banking ACCESS CODE are subject to the same terms and Conditions governing your account(s) with us. This disclosure is made part of and supplemental to the Membership Disclosure Terms and Conditions, and applies only to transactions that are conducted on the GECU Internet Home Banking system.

7. In compliance with Regulation "D," GECU allows only six (6) telephone or preauthorized transfers per calendar month from each share (savings), and special savings accounts to the Checking account.

8. Your ACCESS CODE may be used only to initiate transactions and to access account(s) we have approved in advance. You may not use your ACCESS CODE to overdraw any account. When your ACCESS CODE is used to initiate unauthorized transactions, access account(s) not approved or overdraw your account(s) and results in the loss of money or negative balances, you are liable for all amounts plus additional service charges which must be paid immediately to the credit union. You grant GECU the right, without notice, to take money owed from other accounts to cover losses or treat the amount owed to us as a request for a loan advance from the Ready Cash Line of Credit, where applicable. You grant GECU the right to recover the amount of any money owed to us, along with any costs we incur in collecting it, including court and attorney's fees, but in no event to exceed amounts allowed by law.

9. We have the right to suspend or terminate the use of your ACCESS CODE and your participation in the Internet Home Banking program at any time without notice. You have the right to cancel your ACCESS CODE and your participation in the Internet Home Banking program at any time, provided the request to do so is submitted in writing. Written requests to have your ACCESS CODE terminated become effective at the end of the first business day following the receipt of your written notice. Once your ACCESS CODE is terminated, you agree not to use the ACCESS CODE to access the Internet Home Banking system.

10. GECU may change this agreement at any time and, as required by law or regulation, will notify you of any changes. The use of your ACCESS CODE with the Internet Home Banking system after the effective date of the changes made to this disclosure means that you have acknowledged and agreed to the new and/or additional terms of this disclosure. Each and every time your ACCESS CODE is used to access your account(s) through Internet Home Banking acknowledges your acceptance of the terms and agreements of this disclosure.

11. We reserve the right to impose a user fee at any time and will notify you of such action prior to imposition.