Joliet Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union

Website On-Line Banking Policy


1.  Statement of Purpose

The credit union’s website serves two functions: as general source of information for members about their credit union and as an access point for members to obtain specific information or perform limited transactions on their accounts.  This policy is intended to provide guidelines for the website.


2.  Description of the Website

The credit union website is divided into functional categories: transactional and informational.  The following table summarizes significant differences.





Connection Security

High: encrypted connection to member using SSL or DES

No encryption needed.  No ability to transact or view confidential data

Website Creation

Requires specialized skill of vender to ensure security

Created and maintained in-house

Website Hosting

Hosting through site vendor

Credit union arranges for shared hosting with outside company


Account history, check images, payoff amounts, loan application, intra-account transfer

Services, rates, contract information, marketing materials, privacy policy, financial advice, loan calculator, links to transactional sites, other links as per policy


3.  Permissible Information on the Site

a. Transactional

The transactional website will display member account information and personal data.  Limited space on the website will be available for marketing messages related to the credit union.


b. Informational

The informational website may display a wide assortment of general information about the credit union, such as services, rates, contact information, current promotions, etc.  Other information that can improve the members financial well-being such as ID theft prevention, savings tips, money management techniques, etc may be placed on the website.  In order to encourage member browsing the credit union may include other types of materials that may be of interest to the member.  Material which a reasonable person would consider offensive or in poor taste should not be placed on the website


4.  Links to Other Websites

Links to other websites must be approved by the manager.  Such links should support the purposes of the credit union as described in these guidelines.  Website whose content would not meet the guidelines for permissible information on the credit union’s website should not be linked to.


5.  Website monitoring

The manager is responsible for monitoring the website to insure they are in working order and that there have been no unauthorized alterations.  All members, employees, and volunteers should be encouraged to report anything suspicious to the credit union immediately.


6.  Website Changes

a. Transactional

Credit union initiated changes to the transactional website must be approved by the manager.  Since it is likely that any custom changes would result in programming fees, the Board may be required to approve that cost of any changes that exceed the manager’s authorized expenditure limit set at the Organizational Meeting.


b. Informational

Any changes to the informational website must be approved by the manager.  A simple log should be kept of all changes to the website.


7.  Compliance with COPPA

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and the implementing regulations contained in 16 C.F.R. Part 312 require certain procedures in protecting the privacy of children where a website collects personal information from children under the age of 13.  The credit union does no collect such information on its websites.  Therefore, COPPA is not applicable to this credit union’s website.


8.  Other Guidelines

As with all policies, elements of this policy may not conform to past practice.  Decisions made prior to the approval of this policy are not to be judged by the standards of this policy.   This policy should be reviewed periodically and changes made as warranted.  This policy is effective upon approval by the Board of Directors


Adopted on the  7th day of April 2012.




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