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Sent Date: 1/1/2015

New Loan Rates at The Credit Union!

You can now use your Pgh Firefighters' FCU Debit Card at any First National Bank ATM for free!

For any reason you request a new Debit or Visa card, please make sure you update all bill pay or reoccurring debts you may have setup.

DEBIT CARDS CAN BE USED INTERNATIONALLY WITH A PIN/DEBIT, however, they still CANNOT be used out of the country as a POS/CREDIT/SWIPE *
*VISA & DEBIT Card Users: Whether you are going on a short trip or out of the country please notify us to update the temporary location change for trouble-free use and remember we do not charge the international transaction or the currency conversion fee
Carefully monitor your accounts and notify the Credit Union immediately if you discover any fraud. 412-928-8500 or 800-992-9593
You will receive a phone call from a 1-800 number if there is any suspicious activity on your cards, the card will be blocked if you cannot be reached. Please remember to update your address & phone numbers with us when they are changed. For Lost/Stolen Cards: Debit: 800-264-5578 Credit: 800-325-3678 or 800-433-0505 International Credit: 1-727-570-4881 (call collect)
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